The Ullallaa Story

I was raised under the loom in Finland. My name is Ulla Målquist and I am the founder or Ullallaa.

My mother and grandmother and their mothers as far back in memory, like all women in North Karelia, wove rugs both for practicality and for pleasure. I wove my first rug at the age of ten. To this day I could never forget the exhilaration and satisfaction of designing and weaving a rug of my very own.

The tradition and knowledge of rug weaving was passed down from generation to generation in my family. I remember with familial joy when 3 generations sat together, cutting rags and discussing materials, patterns and colour combinations.

While at university, we needed to dress the floors of the student collective at our turn of the century apartment in central Helsinki. We needed rugs! Off I went, back to North Karelia, to design and to weave.

After moving to Stockholm, I was given the opportunity to use my mother-in-law's fantastic loom and create again, with my sons rocking in the basket next to the loom.

Later in my professional life, after attending some extracurricular refresher courses in weaving, I was reminded of the joy of creativity and the power of the weaving process when designs, colours, textures and shapes fall into place.

I rediscovered my passion and Ullallaa was born!

I invite you to experience the creative joy of designing your own unique rugs. Have fun and let your creation become the eye-catcher in your home!

Our Team

ULLA (Founder & CEO)
KRISTINE (Production)
MIKA (Sustainability)
MAROS (Graphics)


Ullallaa AB
Rekylvägen 4
179 95 Svartsjö

Tel. +46-70-888 75 75