Materials and Production

The rug you design is unique. Our Master Weavers weave your rug by hand on traditional wooden looms using centuries-old traditional handcraft. The skill of our Masters allows you to choose from our collection of weaving patterns, from elegantly simple to more intricate pattern designs.

Our Nordic raw material manufacturers are carefully selected and tested for quality and environmental friendliness. We choose the optimum combination of comfort and durability when selecting our materials: 80% recycled cotton from the fashion industry for soft comfort and 20% mainly recycled polyester fabric for durability and colour fastness. All of our rugs have a stable weft made of recycled cotton eco-cavity fabric. The materials are pre-washed in an environmentally friendly way before manufacture.

In terms of environmental impact and sustainable development, all materials, manufacturing and transportation takes place in the Baltic Sea region to reduce the carbon footprint of our rugs. Our rugs are packaged in sustainable natural materials.

Making your unique rug requires time, skill and craftsmanship, so you will receive it within four to six weeks of ordering.

Tying it all together and how to take care of your rugs

With Ullallaa you can design your very own unique (75x75 cm) rugs. You can create larger rugs by tying your individual rugs together to form the shape and size you want. You tie them together using the corner ropes you choose for your rugs.

Reversible, durable and easy to maintain, they can be combined according to desire, imagination and season.

Get creative with your knot techniques and rug sequences. Have fun!

Your rugs are hand- or domestic machine washable in a 30 degrees Celsius gentle wash cycle, preferably with eco-friendly detergent.

For greatest longevity hang them out to dry or lie flat instead of tumble drying.

If you like, you can iron your rug and the border bands on medium heat for a smoother surface.